At Brave.Ah, we’re proud to be the exclusive marketing partner of ArenaCX. Our collaboration offers a unique proposition for BPOs, combining ArenaCX’s comprehensive marketplace with our expertise in customer experience marketing. This synergy ensures that your BPO profile stands out and resonates with influence and quality.

  • Simplifying Profile Enhancement: Our knowledge of the ArenaCX platform empowers us to elevate your profile, making it a true reflection of your unique strengths.
  • Cost-Effective and Quality Services: We offer affordable, impactful marketing services designed to enhance your BPO’s visibility and appeal.
  • Packages Tailored to Your Needs: From foundational support to leadership positioning, our range of packages caters to your specific marketing needs and goals.
The Global Voice of CX Advantage

Leverage the insights and expertise of Dennis Wakabayashi, The Global Voice of CX, to give your profile a competitive edge in the marketplace. His global experience and profound knowledge bring an additional layer of depth to your bpo profile.


Brave.Ah & ICXI: Certification Pathway

As ICXI’s exclusive partner in the United States, Brave.Ah is at the forefront of certifying companies in customer experience innovation. Our partnership with ICXI allows us to guide you through the certification process, ensuring your business is recognized for its commitment to CX excellence.
  • Exclusive U.S. Partner: We are the sole facilitators for ICXI certification in the United States, offering a streamlined and authoritative path to accreditation.
  • End-to-End Certification Support: Our team provides comprehensive support throughout the certification process, from initial assessment to final accreditation.

Join Our Network of Excellence

Let us be your  guide in the journey towards elevated market presence and recognized CX expertise. Connect with us to transform your BPO profile on ArenaCX and embark on the path to ICXI certification.