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At Brave.Ah, we specialize in effectively connecting your brand with your target audience. Our approach ensures you engage on the right channels, with impactful content, at the ideal moments to drive your financial success.

Our Team


At the helm of Brave.Ah is a team of seasoned leaders, each a visionary in their respective field. Together we channel diverse expertise into a unified mission: to redefine brand engagement through innovative customer experience strategies.


Carla Gervasoni

President/CX Strategist

Kamille Cawley

DIgital Marketing Specialist

Edlene Estoesta

Creative Director

Dennis Wakabayashi

Global CX Advisor

Our Story

In the heart of Brave.ah’s founding story lies a moment of profound inspiration – a young girl named Ava facing challenges with remarkable courage. A simple yet empowering mantra emerged through her struggles: “You are Ava the Brava, strong and capable; you can do anything.” This mantra became a symbol of resilience and empowerment, reminding her that the strength to overcome obstacles was within her. Each challenge Ava faced brought a realization, symbolized by a deep breath and an “ah” of understanding. This wasn’t just a sigh, but an epiphany that the key to overcoming obstacles is identifying them and confronting them head-on. This action became a symbol of her journey towards resilience and confidence. Brave.ah is inspired by the same resilience and insight that defined Ava’s journey. We understand the strength and courage needed to tackle big challenges. Our approach involves turning these values into actionable insights and bold strategies. Like Ava, brands often face challenges that seem insurmountable. Brave.ah stands as your partner in these moments, providing the clarity and power to navigate through them. We believe that understanding the core of a challenge is the first step to overcoming it. Our marketing approach is not just about creating strategies; it’s about discovering the “AH!” moment for brands – the point of clarity that transforms challenges into opportunities. We delve into the core of each challenge, and then, armed with insights and evidence, we chart a path forward. In every campaign, strategy, and solution we offer, the spirit of “Ava the Brava” lives on. Brave.ah is more than a name; it’s a commitment to turning challenges into triumphs, a promise to find the ‘AH!’ moment that leads to success. This is the heart of Brave.ah – where marketing meets the courage to be exceptional.

Philosophy and Values

At Brave.Ah, our philosophy is rooted in using strategic engagement to bridge the gap between diverse cultures and social strata. We aim to leverage technology and empathy to create a more inclusive and unified global community through effective marketing and customer service practices.

Core Values

Technological Ethics

We are committed to using technology to eliminate bias and unite cultures worldwide. Our approach ensures that technology is a unifying force, fostering inclusivity and understanding across different demographics.

Empathy as a Business Driver

We recognize the importance of understanding the nuances between the 'haves' and 'have-nots.' Our strategies are designed to promote benevolent business practices, emphasizing empathy in customer service to unite different segments of society.

Customer Centricity

Customer centricity is about deeply understanding each client's unique customer base. We focus on creating stronger bonds between brands and their customers by recognizing and catering to each segment's specific needs and preferences.


Our collaborative approach involves real-time working, agility, and a personal investment of time and energy. We believe in fostering strong teamwork dynamics to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

Join Our Team

Where Innovation Meets Impact

Carla Gervasoni


Carla Gervasoni distinguishes herself in the Customer Experience (CX) and influence marketing fields, renowned for her expertise in social media listening and persona development. Her strategic contributions have notably enhanced brand reputation, extended reach, and deepened customer relationships, significantly increasing customer lifetime value for businesses like Wendy’s and McDonald’s.

Carla’s skill in utilizing social media listening tools allows her to capture and leverage real-time customer feedback and market trends. This insight, combined with her adeptness in creating detailed customer personas, enables her to tailor content effectively, ensuring it reaches the right audience at optimal times. This targeted approach results in more effective marketing campaigns, fostering long-term customer engagement and loyalty.

For clients, Carla offers a proven track record of using these skills to build brand value and forge lasting customer connections. Her ability to turn data and insights into strategic actions makes her an invaluable asset for any business aiming to enhance its market presence and establish enduring customer relationships.

Kamille Cawley

Digital Engagement Strategist

Kamille, renowned for her transition from a social media influencer to a leading figure, brings a wealth of expertise in inbound marketing, community engagement on social media, digital event strategies, and email marketing campaigns. Her approach blends innovative tactics with a deep understanding of audience engagement, making her strategies highly effective in building brand presence and loyalty.

Her proficiency in inbound marketing shines through in her ability to attract and convert online audiences with targeted content and efficient lead-generation strategies. Kamille’s skill set extends to nurturing these connections into enduring customer relationships, particularly through tailored email marketing campaigns.

A master in building online communities, Kamille transforms social media platforms into lively forums for customer interaction and brand advocacy. Her strategic planning for digital events adds another layer of engagement, creating immersive experiences that deepen the brand-audience connection.

Kamille’s comprehensive skill set in digital marketing strategies ensures increased visibility for brands, sustainable growth, and a strong, loyal customer base. Her unique blend of skills is ideal for anyone looking to elevate their brand’s digital marketing effectiveness.

Edlene Estoesta

Creative Lead

Edlene Estoesta stands at the forefront of our design and content initiatives, leading a dynamic team of agile and savvy professionals. Known for her deep understanding of diverse market dynamics, Edlene ensures that every project her team handles is visually stunning and strategically aligned with a global audience’s nuanced needs.

An innovative approach to customer engagement defines her leadership. Edlene and her team consistently push the boundaries of creativity, crafting content that speaks directly to customers in a language that resonates across cultures. They operate with a rare nimbleness and adaptability, quickly adjusting to market trends and customer feedback to keep our content fresh and relevant.

Under Edlene’s guidance, the team’s work combines art and strategy, creating a seamless and engaging customer journey. This approach has been instrumental in enhancing our brand’s global footprint, ensuring that every piece of content is a touchpoint and an opportunity to build lasting relationships with customers worldwide.

Dennis Wakabayashi


Dennis Wakabayashi, globally acknowledged as the “Global Voice of CX,” is a distinguished consultant in Customer Experience (CX). With an impressive community of over 170,000 CX professionals and enthusiasts, Dennis is a beacon for brands and organizations seeking expert guidance in enhancing customer experience strategies.

Dennis applies his vast expertise to help businesses transform their CX approaches. He adeptly combines innovative digital marketing strategies with deep customer insights, creating solutions that resonate with clients’ specific needs and goals. His work is centered on developing holistic CX strategies that attract customers and foster lasting loyalty and advocacy.

His ability to dissect complex CX challenges and offer actionable solutions makes him a sought-after consultant. Dennis’s strategies often transcend conventional marketing tactics, focusing on creating seamless, engaging, and memorable customer journeys across all touchpoints.

Beyond consulting, Dennis’s influence in the CX world is further amplified through his thought leadership. His insights and guidance extend beyond client projects, as he actively shapes the dialogue in the CX community worldwide on various platforms, driving forward the conversation on customer-centric innovation and effectiveness at industry events and award shows.